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At New Media Middle, we’re all about helping deserving kids achieve their personal best in a safe, accepting learning environment. We’re a vibrant, diverse community of learners, and our energy feeds on itself. We believe in potential and the power of positive choices.
Enrolling at New Media Middle
  1. If you don't hear back from us within three business days please call New Media Middle(614-448-7203) to check receipt of your application and set up a time for a tour and interview- which is a crucial part of our enrollment process.
  2. You will be called to setup an interview and a tour. The Academy of New Media Middle (NMM) will be modeled after the Arts & College Preparatory Academy (ACPA). ACPA has been rated A+, Excellent and a School of Promise by the Ohio Department of Education. Because of their close relationship - we hope to replicate the same atmosphere of trust and acceptance that we have in ACPA in NMM campus.
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