About New Media

"If you don't like something, change it." – Maya Angelou


Excellent middle school options for youth in the greater Columbus area are few and far between. The Columbus Dispatch has focused on the area's middle schools as representative of the failing state of education in the area. When an article on the state of middle school education was published in 2010, the founders of New Media Middle followed the advice of Maya Angelou and acted.

The result was to create a school, modeled from the Excellent rated Arts & College Prep Academy, for middle school students in a neighborhood once known for its vibrancy and vitality. Rather than look at the pathologies of the community, New Media Middle's leadership team focused on the positive aspects and sources for revival bound in the community. We understand that successful schools are performing in large part because of active community engagement. From New Media Middle's founding to its operation, bringing people together was instrumental. Our design team consisted of passionate citizens from a variety of fields. The school's leadership team brought together different experiences and stories of success. New Media Middle represents the best of what is, which serves as the catalyst to becoming better than it ever thought possible. Students cannot reach their full potential if they do not feel safe. Imagine the possibilities for learning when kids feel safe, accepted and cared for... We did just that. 

The result is a 21st century teaching and learning eco-system that combines rigorous, relevant academics, active community engagement, comprehensive arts programs all facilitated using the latest technology. New Media Middle not only narrows the achievement gap between urban and suburban students, but the technology gap as well. We were not satisfied with current middle school options. We wanted change. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, we became the change we wanted to see.

Basics Plus

We are home to students with wide ranges of abilities and recognize the need to meet all students where they are. We first identify abilities, then utilize methods to help students meet grade level standards, as well as offer accelerated curriculum for those who are ready to exceed grade level standards. We believe in following the fundamental academia rubric, and adding a unique experience that is specially tailored for each student. We call it Basics Plus, and here every child at every level participates in the program.


Each classroom has a highly qualified lead teacher, as well as a highly qualified co-teacher to offer extra support. This allows our classrooms to be truly differentiated based on student need. We are able to provide remediation for those who need extra help and attention, as well as provide acceleration for those who are ready to go beyond the standard curriculum.

Study Island

This program provides valuable identification for each student’s ability across all subjects, and develops a plan for them to reach grade level and beyond. This is used as a supplemental teaching tool in all classrooms.


At NMM, we follow an inclusion model for all students with an IEP. For students that need pull-out services, we will meet those needs as they are identified.

OAA Preparation

Preparation for the statewide OAA testing begins in September. We provide students with test taking strategies and administer regular practice tests.

Common Core

All teachers use the Common Core State Standards as the guide for developing their curriculum.

Pearson Online Curriculum

Teachers use physical materials as well as online curriculum and activities provided by Pearson.

Accelerated Reader Program

This program provides reading level identification for each student and then develops a plan for them to raise their reading level to grade level and beyond.