Team Teaching

A strong team includes a variety of different teaching styles. Students will respond differently to these different teachers. It is also essential that the teachers value and support each other in those roles.
-- Glen Lawson 

New Media utilizes team teaching as an co-operative and effective method of instruction that allows for a highly indiviudalized, challenging, and reinforcing model of teaching and learning. Research has shown that team teaching leads to an "improved work climate, more frequent contact with parents, increased teacher job satisfaction, and higher levels of student achievement." By placing a lead teacher and a Title I teacher in every class, students are able to get the help they need. Students do not all learn at the same rate. While some students thrive on challenging, enriching projects, other students need the support and encouragement to raise self-esteem and confidence that their challenges are validated and overcome with equal importance. 

By offering two highly qualified teachers in every class, by creating block scheduling to maximize the time toward reaching learning goals, and by offering the flexibility needed to help all students reach their potential, our academic program is unmatched.