All members of the New Media community continuously seek to improve their practice through adoption of New Media's habits of highly effective learners:

      1.      1. Critical thinker and problem solver
  2.      2. Collaborator and leader by influence
  4.      3Responsible decision maker
    2.      4. Effective communicator
    4.      5. Active, engaged, and inquiring learner
    6.      6. Creative, curious, and imaginative
    8.      7. Agile, adaptable, and flexible

Principles for Learning

New Media is guided by essential principles of education adopted by the National Council for Teachers of English, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. We commit to supporting these principles, as they support the learning of students and teachers.

     1. Literacy is at the heart of learning in every subject area

     2. Learning is a social and collaborative act

     3. Establishing a habit of inquiry is important in life-long learning

     4. Assessing progress is a part of learning

     5. Learning occurs in a global context

     6. Learning includes turning information into knowledge using multiple media

Curricular Approach

Teachers, administrators, parents and community members strive to create innovative learning experiences that will engage our diverse group of students with our many satellite learning partners. Project-based learning experiences develop and apply skills and knowledge to complex, interdisciplinary projects within and beyond the classroom. Our classrooms are fully inclusive, as we want to help all students to reach their full potential.

Technology will be seamlessly blended to facilitate the teaching and learning process within the building, and extending out to our satellite learning partners, COSI, the Columbus Museum of Art, and Franklin Park Conservatory. New Media's partnership with Samsung will unite the latest curricular innovations with cutting edge technology. New Media will support a 1:1 student to computer ratio. This will enable a majority of our curricular resources to exist in a digital format to compliment existing paper formats. Our use of technology will be a core component of student learning in all courses.