Who We Are

We are a tuition-free, public school sponsored by St. Aloysius and overseen by a local Board of Education.

At New Media Middle, our mission is to create a learning environment for students of all backgrounds, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, and learning styles that is physically and emotionally safe, while also academically challenging. We accomplish this while providing a focus on utilizing current technology and developing 21st century skills.

"Our students are constantly exploring their place in the citizenship of the world ...our students will grow to understand their power as citizens and leaders."
— Mrs. Vermilion, language arts teacher, NMM. 

New Media's Vision

The vision of the Academy of New Media Middle is to create a 21st Century teaching and learning eco-system that combines rigorous, relevant middle school academics with "new media" in a trusting and safe environment that promotes mutual respect, responsibility, accountability and achievement.

New Media's Mission

The Academy of New Media Middle is committed to the unconditional pursuit of high academic achievement in a safe environment. New Media will utilize 21st Century skills and embrace new technological innovations to provide holistic, problem-based, and experiential learning to create life-long learners whose knowledge will benefit the community.